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What We Do

Our services will include basically the followings to a NICHE of people in the society (the helpless widows/widowers, the helpless orphans, the helpless sickly, the helpless aged, the waifs and strays): these will include physical needs of Food, Clothing, Shelter (especially for those displaced IDPs living in host communities and informal settlements), pilot education for the children of IDPs living in host communities and informal settlements, and the homeless/helpless, skills acquisition/vocational skills, economic recovery, medical reach out to the terminally ill, the chronically ill and the critically ill that are truly established to be helpless, and such as we may deem necessary reachable in the course of our operation as well as providing psychological needs such as trauma healing to the traumatic, psychic training to those suffering from psychotic derangements and moral rebounds for those suffering from drug addiction, rape victims and the sexually and domestically abused, etc.

In Summary Our Services or What We Do is basically Reach Out to a Niche Cluster of the Helplessly Helpless in our given society.


We will operate within the ambit of law governing operations of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other similar or related humanitarian agencies or organizations. All set rules and regulations governing such operations shall be strictly adhered to without any reservation. Similarly, we shall abide by rules and regulations issued out by sponsors/donors/financiers to the latter.

Going by the name of the organization, NICHE RELIEF LEGACY FOUNDATION, we shall observe the highest code of legacy in the discharge of our operations. The highest level of honesty and transparency shall be our watch-word. Our records shall be properly kept and subject to scrutiny by all constituted authorities as open door policy shall ensue in the discharge of governance of our operations except where we may have doubt as to scammers who may pretend as government officials or law enforcement agents, sponsors, donors, CBOs, FBOs, Public-Spirited individuals/philanthropists, International Organizations, Development Partners, or even some others in similar line of operation such as humanitarian agencies, etc, but are not; in this case, clearance and or consent may have to be sought from the headquarters/head office of such constituted authorities or otherwise, that may want us to divulge important information concerning our agency and what we do and how we operate, but those trying to undermine our operations would be turned off.

We will interface with government, financiers/donors/supporters and the beneficiaries in sharing relevant information for the smooth running of our business, a legacy we would ensure is sustained and handed over to future generations after us.

One of our main sources of information gathering in respect to potential or even existing clients/beneficiaries shall be through the BASIC FACILITY INVENTORY (BFI) and the NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY METHODOLOGY as well as other simpler research methods.