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Who We Are

Niche Relief Legacy Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NRLF-NGO), which shall be referred to from time to time as NiReLeFa-NGO was formed in October 2020 for the sole purpose of meeting the basic needs of a niche cluster of the helpless (the poorest of the poor) in our neighborhood, community and the society in general.

Here, we are not talking about meeting the needs of all categories of the Less Privileged in this context, which can be insurmountable, but rather a fraction of the Less Privileged referred to as the NICHE CLUSTER in this context such as the Helpless Widows/Widowers, the Helpless Orphans, the Homeless, the critically, chronically and terminally ill, the Waifs and Strays, the Aged, etc, considered among our niche cluster of needs.

We are more than determined, through the help of God, to eke out our energy to meeting the needs of this niche cluster of the helpless in our midst.

Our motto states in summary, “HOPE STARTS HERE”. We shall therefore go the extra mile in giving hope to the hopeless as far as these niche clusters of the needy are concerned.

We need partnership with people like you reading this piece in meeting such greet needs that abide in our neighborhood, community and possibly the society in general, and may be, in your very household, but are holden up due to unavailability of resources at your disposal to do so, but with partnership, it is a lot better to do so and be able to surmount the problem.

Stated thus are our Vision and Mission statements:


  • Love, righteousness and peace with God and humanity, respect to one another, protection of one another, provision to the less privileged in the society considered in our Niche cluster as well as the protection of the environment in the discharge of our services.
  • Possibly, a wholistic approach to our clients/beneficiaries, of basic necessities of life, both physical and psychological as best as we can.
  • The participation of people as imperative to sustainable development.
  • Servant-Leadership as a model or form of leadership as exemplified by the prophets and messengers of God as well as living testimonies or witnesses of people known to us like Nelson Mandela, onetime president of South Africa, ArchBishop Desmond Tutu, former Nigerian president, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, just to mention a few.
  • Participatory Management: the involvement of stakeholders at all levels in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our developmental initiatives.
  • Learning from our experiences as well as the experiences of others especially in the industry-wide humanitarian value-chain in the realization that we don’t have the monopoly of knowledge and wisdom, as this will be a key aspect of our work for improved performance, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Capacity building shall be central to our development, progress and the attainment of overall aims and objectives of our existence.
  • Stewardship and Accountability: We are accountable to God, stakeholders, donors/financiers, beneficiaries, government agencies, etc, as well as to humanity in general in effective and efficient management and use of resources committed to us.
  • Networking and Collaboration: we value inter-dependence in relationships, the recognition of rights and responsibilities and the mutual sharing of resources for the achievement of the common goal.
  • Sustainable development that will ensure the continuous availability of resources, commitment and benefits.
  • Equity: We recognize and respect the rights of all women, men, children, youths and indifferently the abled and disabled people, etc to be, and to act as intended by God. We shall equitably distribute resources to the niche cluster of people irrespective of the various classes of people mentioned above.


  • Our zeal and determination is to bridge the gap between the have and the have-nots for equitable distribution of basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and possibly shelter to the NICHE of the less privileged in the society that have been neglected by government, community or society, (not deliberately, but due to unsurmountable programmes and projects due to limited resources) with utmost honesty, transparency in absolute zeal and determination, and with great passion, without any fear or favour irrespective of age, sex, gender, colour, race, tribe or religion.

    By way of emphasis, this agency does not, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, etc, in any of its activities of reach out as long as the person is clearly helpless in all ramifications, where such shall be well attended to and his/her needs met within available resources.

    To assist or complement the humanitarian efforts of government/NGOs/communities, public-spirited individuals, International Organizations, Development Partners, etc, to a NICHE Cluster of the less privileged in the society in any little way, the best we can through our robust packages of services offering.


Desiring the foreseeable management of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in absolute honesty, transparency, founded on truth and conscientious legacy in the eyes of prospective sponsors/ donors/willing financiers, the less privileged in our midst, the community/government, and the society in general; in other words, our vision intends to augment the humanitarian  efforts of government and similar agencies in the provision of basic necessities of life to a niche cluster of the helpless in the society,  following the exemplary leadership of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ which are three-fold: spiritual, physical and mental satiation.


Is to provide adequate and excellent spiritual, physical and mental security services to the NICHE cluster of the less Privileged in the society; the poorest of the poor such as the helpless widows/widowers, the helpless orphans, the helpless aged, the helpless IDPs, the helpless terminally ill, critically ill, and the chronically ill, the homeless, the waifs and strays, etc, that seem to have been neglected not covertly but overtly by government, FBOs, CBOs, NGOs, International Organizations, Development Partners and other Public-Spirited individuals in meeting the basic needs of this helpless niche cluster of the depraved and deprived in our midst and in the society in general, and as many such those that will fall within our niche line of great need.


  • To provide the much-needed assistance in clear areas of need to a NICHE CLUSTER of the less privileged in the society; the poorest of the poor such as the helpless widows/widowers, the helpless orphans, the helpless aged, the waifs and strays, the chronically, critically and the terminally ill, the homeless, etc and so many others that may fall within our NICHE CLUSTER of the needy in our given society.
  • To provide social services to immediate localities or communities we shall operate in, that we may deem fit to be assisted within our capacity if the need to do so arise in consultation with our sponsors/donors as the need to keep safe and healthy environment cannot be overemphasized as this will improve on our overall health system in respective communities of our reach out as well as the entirety or given society.
  • To provide employment to the few people we can, (our immediate and ancillary staff, volunteers, consultants, etc), thus reducing the burden of unemployment on government, the private sectors and the general employment ministries, departments and agencies in our given society.



  • Is mainly the less privileged NICHE in the society (such as the helpless widows/widowers, the helpless orphans, the homeless, the helpless aged, the helpless sickly, the depraved and deprived, the traumatic, the sexually and domestically abused, waifs and strays, etc) that might have been completely neglected (not deliberately) by government or communities, International Organizations, Development Partners, other sections of the society or even some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that may be unaware such areas of need are uncovered in our respective communities and or society in general.


  • One People in one Faith with a Shared Vision & Mission, on non-profits, poised to Meeting Social Security Services to a Niche of the Less Privileged in the Society.

    In a nutshell, our motto stands for, “HOPE STARTS HERE” With Niche Relief Legacy Foundation.